Monday, 22 December 2014

10 LED board assembly guide

Once opened separate all the bits like above, this will make things easier.

Next start by doing the LEDs, negative to top of board, positive next to resistor, positive will be the long leg and negative the short leg.

Once in bend the legs to stop them falling out and then place the resistors in, I find placing them all the same way round is useful when using different resistors but here they are all the same so it's more cosmetic that you keep them the same way.

Next is to solder them all, you will see now that by bending the wires out that things stay in place.

Now you need to cut all the wires as close to the board as possible to ensure nothing can connect to other solder points or it won't work properly.

Now to place the female and male headers, these are eleven pins long starting with connection LED 1 up to 10 and the furthest connection on right is ground.

And once finished this is how it should look.

I have done a video (not very good its my first one) which is on youtube showing how to assemble this board, the link is

I will look to adding demo codes in the future for Raspberry Pi, but if you want to write something let me know and I will add a link on here.

If using an arduino there is a great book u Mark Geddes called Arduino Project Handbook which I recommend.

Here are some of the people who have tweeted their boards:

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