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Monday, 8 July 2013

Wipi radio

I found on twitter the other week a link to adafruit s pidora wifi radio and thought I would have a go.

I already had the lcd shield, just not assembled so last night I assembled it and bodged a case together with electrical tape to protect it.

I followed the instructions as per guide on adafruit and it wouldn't work, so I erased the card reinstall adafruit Occidentals onto the card and ssh d into it to install and edit what was needed, this time worked fine once I had sorted out a pandora account.

Pandora is an American only Internet radio type service like spotify or so I had to get a us proxy address so I could sign up on the site and edit my router so the dns would use unblock us a service I have used to view the American netfliks which is tons better than the Uks.

So now I have a nice little Internet radio player, just now looking for a way to play various radio stations as well.