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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Geocaching is getting crap

Yes I know negative but let's look at the facts. I rarely cache these days, have two caches within 500ft of my house which I haven't even bothered looking for, why?

Well simple, it's unfun to look for crappy micros hidden in any place that can fit into an already cache flooded area. They are not well thought out, often co ords well over 20m out and often with soggy logbooks. When I started a few years ago caches were large and if not large had enough room for swappable swag for the kids. These days anyone starting will be put off very quickly with the poor quality caches.

Maybe an idea is if a larger cache can be fitted within 524ft of a current cache then the reviewers should archive the existing one and allow the new one instead, but what about the crappy micro? Well two options (well fits into one) the old cache owner should collect and remove it and if they don't then the cache owner of the newer bigger cache should remove it and place it in their new cache with a note for the attention of cache owner x

Maybe in a few weeks I will feel different, but know I'm getting fed up with it.