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Monday, 10 December 2012

Xmas pi n caching

We went to the excellent Christmas geocaching event yesterday by the Cachehoppers, I kind of got dragged as I wasn't up to talking to people even through I doubt it showed.

We got to do around half a dozen caches with a couple of ftf s for good comfort.

Today I was up early, needed to get a doctors appointment. 8.30 am straight through to receptionist who seem to think they can assess you on the phone. "erm
I need to see the doctor I'm not having a good time and I'm on anti depressants". Soon had an appointment for ten minutes later so quick run outside and de I've the car to turn up just in time for my appointment. Extra tablets later I was back at home.

Whilst drinking a cup of tea I notice the memory card on pi 2 the tv project was at an odd angle, on closer inspection I could see the sd holder wasn't holding so will have to see how I can get this solved. Took off the heatsinks and out of the casing so it's ready to go back as soon as I hear back from the suppliers.