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Monday, 31 December 2012

Looking back over the year

Looking back over the year I have to say its been a good year all in all.

The bad things first, the few bouts of bad depression, falling out with a good friend and my daughters rebellion against everyone. There was also the caching ban by a certain few but I won't go into that.

However a lot of positive things happened, being the first to one hundred 5/5 s being joint first with wonky donkey into the most geolympix events attended, the geolympix, the Christmas summer camp event to name a few.

I've also started to learn Linux coding language, got a raspberry pi or seven and made my tv project which I'm yet to show off.

I also came joint 5th in the country for the employee of the year competition, staying the night at the fa Hilton up leictershire way. Second in the depot back shift member of the year for all my hard work and highly regarded by those above for my hard work dealing with the cross government mail contract and do pleased that my efforts have been appreciated especially on my down points.

I also got to take out caching some friends who I introduced to 5/5 caching but to find a proper 5/5 in this day and age is hard. While I never hit the 9 or 10k mark in geocaching a 8.5 does me fine, just wished the weather and depression didn't hold me back as it did.

I'm still learning to use the raspberry pi, hoping to learn more about the gertboard in the coming year and make more projects hopefully geocaching orientated and hopefully patch things up with old friends too.

While 2012 has been a great year overall with lots of achievements and things learnt I hope 2013 will be better.

Happy new year all and feel free to click on the links on the side, just need 6000 clicks to get my cheque from google lol.