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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

not much about pi

Not much to report really, have been rather down with depression. Have felt so low that at times I've wanted to lock myself away from everyone.

Caching has been quiet, not due to weather, just lack of nearby caches and quality caches. The trend for a soggy film canister just seems to grow, whilst a good quality hide deminishes.

On the pi front I have finished a few kits, the gertboard is running but with problems on LEDs 3,4,7,11. All the connections seem to have power and all LEDs work, but not plugged into the pi. Even after replacing the red LEDs with green and amber it didn't improve things. I then got the ladder board kit to find one red and two amber don't want to work and same again resoldered it. Then two berryclips where led s 2 and three don't want to work neither, which leads me to think its either the board or the software, answers on a postcard.

Yesterday the other part of team text got their 5000th cache, well done to Thierry and Helena on achieving it.