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Monday, 4 November 2013

Out near high worth

A well stocked cache
Out for a 3-4 mile walk with frodo today, a few drivebys to start with before going onto the walk in near by village of Hampton. The paths started out muddy but over the course became nice to walk.  As with all roobydoo caches they were good size, well stocked and well maintained and a pleasure to do his caches. 

We ended the afternoon with a newish side tracked at shrivenham. A cleverly hidden cache, but soon found I was on private rail track ground after a worker turned up.

Him: what you doing?
Me : having a rest from driving and stretching my legs? Why what you doing?
Him: I work for rail track and I believe you're acting suspicious.
Me: what watching for trains, is it cos I don't have an anorak on?
Him: no its just you don't look like a trains potter and this track to the gate is private rail track land.
Me: I'm sorry but never saw any signs, but heyho I will watch them from my car instead.

Which I did and after a few minutes he went and I got the cache. Looks like I'm afraid to say this one is on private land, but certainly a cleverly hidden cache.