Saturday, 30 November 2013

Gertduino and piface cad

Two little boxes arrived this week, neither have had much time spent on them yet.

The first is made by the maker of the gertboard, a board that can take arduino shields on the raspberry pi as rpi and arduino start working together. Nice idea and price wasn't bad, however lets hope there are more tutorials compared to the lack of them for the gertboard of which mine is a white elephant covered in dust.

Next up was the piface cad shield, a lcd display with rocker switch, 5 buttons and infrared compatability. So the pro a for this, there is support for this, the radio function worked well but could incorporate a volume switch or button. The weather demo worked well too, but the biggest con was it doesn't fit into a case like the adafruit lcd one does and I think the display would have been better if it was a different colour than green with black text (thus another vote for the adafruit one).

But on a plus side its uk made and the makers are always happy to add more coding and examples to their git page and YouTube channel. Certainly see these two items going far with the pi.

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