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Saturday, 4 May 2013

May the force be with you

It's international Star Wars day today, may 4th.

There was two caching events today local to me, a flash mob which I didn't attend as I wasn't up to running around with light sabers and a pub event afterwards which I turned up for to drop off a load of trackables that I picked up a few days ago in Leicestershire from various tb hotels.

Although my orders were to rest I couldn't resist as I wanted to get these tb s moved. It was nice to see so many faces many that I knew till one appeared the one who has caused me a lot of hassle todate in the caching scene, my chest started to tighten and I realised I better just go as I don't fancy going back to hospital just yet and don't need any form of stress no matter how nice they appear to everyone else. So apart from one person ruining it for me the event looked great so well done to the organisers.

So sorry I didn't stay long but nice to see everyone, hope the trackables I dropped off get moving soon and hopefully when I'm much better I will stay longer.

As I feel in a good mood anyone who attended and is looking for a hint for my it's all about the numbers cache, I will get you started look for invisible text in my profile ;) oh and try solving a line or two before giving up there is a red herring near the start to put people off mawhahaha .

But don't tell anyone I have posted a hint here as its only for those who could be bothered to read my blog.