Monday, 14 August 2017

Laser Cat Laser Cat nothing like a Laser Cat

After sorting out my Raspberry Pi stuff I found an old arduino uno lying around.  This was soon followed by a metal tin from one of my orders.  I remembered there was a recent article on building a laser device for cats and as squatter cat has moved in (now named puss) and she loves chasing things I thought I better have a go.

So purchased a pan/tilt kit and a 3 pin laser which later turned out I had both in my bits box.  I then used my Dremel to cut several holes into the tin for wires and power and tried to fix the pan and tilt with glue but just wouldn't stay, so drilled a tiny hole and screwed the motor to the tin, this was the easy part.

Next up was the coding, not had the best of luck with arduinos but found code written by  La Fabrique DIY on his github page at and uploaded it and bingo it works.

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