Thursday, 25 September 2014

Three ideas for your MyPiFi LCD Board

Three ideas I have made with LCDs and a raspberry pi, just to get you going with your MyPiFi LCD Support Board kit for the pi on kickstarter

1.  The Cacheberry pi geocaching device.  You can also use this as a petrol station locator, speed camera locator or even just have it to only show speed/time/date

2.  Weather forecaster/news/football scores.  This one involves using RSS feeds to display the latest news/forecast/result or to whatever you want to show.  Don't dorget you could program it with a Twitter api to show your tweets or follow a hashtag

3.  Radio display, whilst this project uses an adafruit lcd plate, you could use the Mypifi lcd board add a couple of buttons and speaker and use the mypifi kit to play radio and view station info.

If you have any great lcd projects feel free to post them all below, don't forget to take a look at our kickstarter

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